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Posted on: February 18, 2009 4:26 pm


... no not the boring sex position because hey at least its still sex.

I'm talking about how the media tries to use missionary work as an example of somebody being a good human being.  Two recent examples come to my mind, both of which are from Sports Illustrated.

The first was a short story about Utah State's college hoops program.  Kelli Anderson wrote:

What the Aggies lack in athleticism, size and speed, they make up for in skill, unselfishness and maturity-Seven of the players on this year's team, including four of the five starters, have been on Mormon missions...Really? Unselfishness?  What is more selfish than going around to other people and telling them they need to believe in what you believe so you can feel good about yourself?

The other was about how Tim Tebow is a good guy because of the missionary work he did over the summer with his dad.  Sorry, I'm not buying it. Him going to a third world country and telling the people that if they don't believe in his God bad things will happen to them doesn't makes him a good person.


This article made me debate on whom I hate more, Tebow or Hansbrough (for numerous other reasons).  Then came the deciding factor on this.  Tebow asked Playboy not to mention his name on their list of All-Americans for college football because he thought it went against his morals.

How could you not hate Tebow after that?  Dude needs to stop turning his nose up at people.  They were giving you a compliment.  Accept it.  If you don't want to, fine.  Don't.  But don't turn around and say you think what they do is immoral.

The reality is that Playmates get paid solid money and know exactly what they sign up for.  They get a couple grand for one day of "work."  This isn't exactly smut.  But if you don't agree with it, cool.  To each his own, but stop juding others based on your own beliefs.


I'm not trying to bash religion here.  If you're religious fine, but missionary work is a whole different thing.  The media needs to stop using missionary work as an example of a good human. 

Let's be real.  Forcing your ideals upon other people doesn't make you a "high character person."  If the media wants people to agree with their story that somebody is a good person than show some examples of that person doing good things: charity work, donations to good causes, philanthropy would all be better examples then missionary work.

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